High Roller Reining Classic 2017


The Chavez group had a great time in Vegas this year at the High Roller Reining Classic

Chuy and Splash Big Time co-championed level 1 open futurity!

Chuy placed 3rd with Woody’s Toy Gun in the Level 1 open derby!

Joanna and Spook Me Now won the Limited Open and earned 2nd place in Rookie Professional, she placed 4th in Novice Horse Open as well 

Ashley and Smart Like Steady:Youth Slate 1: 3rd place! slate 2: 4th, finishing 3rd for the circuit! Rookie slate 1: 3rd in level 2! rookie slate 2: 1st in level 2!  earning 2nd for the circuit in Rookie level 2! She placed 2nd in limited non-pro slate 2,  earning 4th for the circuit! 

Laura and Vintage Sparks: Rookie slate 1 - 1st in level 1, 3rd in level 2! She won Prime time rookie slate 1! Earning 4th in circuit!

Alli and Rickybacinhollywood:  Limited non pro slate 1 -3rd place,  earning 6th for the circuit! For DRHA Green slate 1 - 3rd, earning 5th for the circuit.

Robyn Schiller and Plenty Of Guns: Non Pro slate 2-6th, earning 8th for the circuit. She placed 6th in Non Pro Maturity level 1 and 2.

Robyn and Magnanimus won the Non Pro Futurity level 1! and placed 5th in level 2!




Reining By The Bay 2017

Chavez Performance Horses had a great showing at this year's Reining By The Bay!!!


Among the highlights..

First and foremost:

Chuy and Abby welcomed their first-born! Audrey Elena! 



chuywoody RBB17.JPG

Chuy won the level 1 open Derby on Woody's Toy Gun, owned by Karin Dinapoli



Chuy also placed 3rd in the level 1 open derby on Hesa Smoking Edition, owned by Alli Williams

Robyn Schiller and Plenty Of Guns: 

Non Pro Maturity Level 1 Champion, 

Level 2,3 & 4 Reserve Champion
Non Pro Circuit Champion

ashley:oscar: stop RBB 2017.jpg

Ashley Jackson and Smart Like Steady: 

Limited Non Pro Champion, 

Rookie Reserve Champion,  

Youth Reserve Champion

hector laura.jpg

Laura Johnson and Vintage Sparks: 

Prime Time Non Pro Champion, Limited Non Pro Reserve Champion, 

Rookie 2 - 4th Place Circuit

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)

rio juliy rbb 17.JPG

Julia Schmida and Tick Tic Boom: 

Rookie 1, 6th Place Circuit


kristi oakie stop .jpg

Kristie Banks and AR Oakies Last Stand: 

Int Non Pro- 4th Place, 

Limited Non Pro- 6th Place, 

Rookie 1- 6th Place

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay) 

joanna and spooks 2 from ?.jpg

Joanna Brewer and Spook Me Now:

Rookie Professional - 4th Place

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)

shay rbb stop gunny 17.PNG

Shay Schmida and Concealed Gunman: 

Green - 5th Place, 

DRHA Green - 4th Place Circuit


jenny and sky .jpg

Jenny and Skyes The Limit II: 

Limited Non Pro 1 - 2nd Place, 

Limited Non Pro Circuit - 3rd Place


(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)

alli and ricky burbank ?.jpg

Alli and Rickybacinhollywood: 

DRHA Rookie - 5th Place Circuit

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)