Reining By The Bay 2017

Chavez Performance Horses had a great showing at this year's Reining By The Bay!!!


Among the highlights..

First and foremost:

Chuy and Abby welcomed their first-born! Audrey Elena! 



chuywoody RBB17.JPG

Chuy won the level 1 open Derby on Woody's Toy Gun, owned by Karin Dinapoli



Chuy also placed 3rd in the level 1 open derby on Hesa Smoking Edition, owned by Alli Williams

Robyn Schiller and Plenty Of Guns: 

Non Pro Maturity Level 1 Champion, 

Level 2,3 & 4 Reserve Champion
Non Pro Circuit Champion

ashley:oscar: stop RBB 2017.jpg

Ashley Jackson and Smart Like Steady: 

Limited Non Pro Champion, 

Rookie Reserve Champion,  

Youth Reserve Champion

hector laura.jpg

Laura Johnson and Vintage Sparks: 

Prime Time Non Pro Champion, Limited Non Pro Reserve Champion, 

Rookie 2 - 4th Place Circuit

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)

rio juliy rbb 17.JPG

Julia Schmida and Tick Tic Boom: 

Rookie 1, 6th Place Circuit


kristi oakie stop .jpg

Kristie Banks and AR Oakies Last Stand: 

Int Non Pro- 4th Place, 

Limited Non Pro- 6th Place, 

Rookie 1- 6th Place

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay) 

joanna and spooks 2 from ?.jpg

Joanna Brewer and Spook Me Now:

Rookie Professional - 4th Place

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)

shay rbb stop gunny 17.PNG

Shay Schmida and Concealed Gunman: 

Green - 5th Place, 

DRHA Green - 4th Place Circuit


jenny and sky .jpg

Jenny and Skyes The Limit II: 

Limited Non Pro 1 - 2nd Place, 

Limited Non Pro Circuit - 3rd Place


(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)

alli and ricky burbank ?.jpg

Alli and Rickybacinhollywood: 

DRHA Rookie - 5th Place Circuit

(Photo not from Reining By The Bay)